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Maximizing on the synergies available within the Group, we have always been confident of providing end-to-end solutions, based on apt market knowledge built on timely research and analysis, as well as honing that knowledge to ensure a holistic approach to our solutions. Considering the niche market segments we focus on, our competitive advantage therefore lies in offering clients the options, opportunities and solutions that are differentiated and distinctive. Our Corporate Advisory services therefore range from possessing absolute knowledge of both Sri Lankan and Foreign markets, the legal, corporate, finance and strategic backgrounds and in delivering timely, effective, knowledgeable and apt solutions cost effectively. We are able to assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats with focused adroitness, have the capacity to adapt and adopt changing market dynamics, use our extensive network of valued business partners to gain both practical and theoretical insight into issues, challenges, opportunities and potential and thereby infuse a multidisciplinary and multi-skilled approach to augment the complete value chain and markets we deal in.

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WS’s Fund Management division is responsible for providing both tailored structuredre, news goes here. This can be updated through Content management system from time to time as and when required.

options in foreign investments into key segments. We possess solid background knowledge, acumen and competencies to ensure the collation of sustainable partnerships