Corporate Profile

Being a diversified investor relations company, our competitive edge lies in structuring the wide and varied options in foreign investments into key segments. We possess solid background knowledge, acumen and competencies to ensure the collation of sustainable partnerships, where investors seeking fruitful investments in foreign markets are linked strategically with reputed equity partners, ensuring sustainable and consistent growth and stability.

Having a majority Japanese shareholding within our Group, we are able to garner world acclaimed dynamics prevalent in Japanese management styles, innovation and streamlined systems and processes into our strategic vision, plans and daily operations. Given that our Group of companies has also successfully gained a portfolio of international clientele, we have now taken on the hues of being a truly international company, having attracted significant interest among international investors.

Our forte is in the structuring of Mergers & Acquisitions, which are primarily constructed on a foundation of trust, facilitating, coordinating and overall liaising of the project at hand. This foundation of trust expounds the need for dialogue and negotiation based on a sound backdrop of financial knowledge, acumen and skill. At NWS Holdings, we have honed these tenets into an art, where trust becomes integral to creating a solid base from which to begin new relationships, networked through expansive international understanding across continents and strengthened for sustainable results. Managing the entire ambit of the acquisition process including the preliminary stages of operation therefore becomes second nature to us and gives our clients the assurance of absolute leverage and strategic competitiveness.