Equity & Debt Capital Markets

Given the knowledge base we have nurtured within our team, our prowess in Equity Capital and Debt Markets has become legendary. We are renowned for adeptness in raising equity capital, using our expertise in mixing and matching our end-to-end solutions concept ranging from IPOs to Secondary Market, private placements and rights issues as well as Margin Trading through our licensed Group company, to working on the entire debt spectrum. The latter is aimed at providing the entire gamut of debt solutions, combining our specialties in structuring, advisory, extensive investment network and capital market competencies garnered from our valued business partners around the world.

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WS’s Fund Management division is responsible for providing both tailored structuredre, news goes here. This can be updated through Content management system from time to time as and when required.

options in foreign investments into key segments. We possess solid background knowledge, acumen and competencies to ensure the collation of sustainable partnerships