Japan – The Land of the Rising Sun

Truly emblematic of a resilient country, this archipelago of over 6,800 islands has a documented history reverting to the 1AD and has through centuries had its fair share of wars and natural disasters. However, it has always risen stronger and better, to take on the world with extraordinary fervor and prowess. Today, Japan is a major economic power, steadfastly defending its title as the third largest economy in the world and being the world’s fourth largest exporter and importer. Japan’s natural beauty, checkered history and beautiful people have continued to be immortalized in the creative arts around the world. Blessed with a temperate climate, Japan is renowned for its mountains and forests, in addition to its volcanic zone housing 108 active volcanoes. Japanese cuisine has become legendary among gourmands around the world with entire industries, revolving around the Japanese food industry becoming a growing phenomenon in current times.

Japan is a highly influential member of the G8, APEC and the ASEAN plus Three blocks and is the world’s third largest donor for official development assistance. Working within a constitutional monarchy with the Emperor as a highly respected albeit decorative figurehead, the country is governed by the Prime Minister and the diet. Home to 326 Forbes Global companies, the country’s industrial capacity has given it a competitive advantage over some of the largest and most technologically advanced motor vehicle producers making it the second largest producer of automobiles. Telecommunication giants and the fisheries industry remain bedrocks of the economy. Some of the world’s largest banks call Japan its home, while by market capitalization, the Tokyo Stock Exchange is the second largest in the world by market capitalization. Japan ranks twelfth of 178 countries in the Ease of Doing Business Index and has one of the smallest tax revenues in the developed world.

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Sri Lanka – The Wonder of Asia

With a history that’s chronicled in the world’s oldest historical tomes speaking of civilisations that flourished at the beginning of time, Sri Lanka’s prowess in global trade and investment is epoch making. It’s always been a land that kings, rulers, travelers and traders have found fascinating. And it’s no wonder then that Tambapanni or Taprobane as the ancient Greek mariners dubbed her, Serendib as the searfarers of old Arabia named her or that the Pearl of the Orient, sitting as she does like the Teardrop of India is indeed a land of wonder. And Ceylon as more recently coined through British colonization is now a very proud and free Sri Lanka, living through the beginning of civilization in this part of the world to herald unequalled architectural masterpieces, unheralded bounties of nature and a melting pot of culture, religions and ethnicities to paint a canvas of multi-hued vibrancy that truly denotes Paradise today.

Sri Lanka is now a Middle Income Emerging Market, maintaining above global growth averages and standing shoulder to shoulder in regional growth paradigms, showcasing a resilient and stable economy. A Five Plus One Hub Vision driving the country aims to place it as a geographical hub in six key industries including knowledge, commercial, aviation, maritime, energy and tourism, with infrastructure and related complimentary areas being developed apace. An educated adaptable workforce, a highly developed telecommunication industry that places Sri Lanka among some pioneering innovations, an advantageous location that opens it to key markets, a vibrant business environment and international ratings which has placed Sri Lanka’s sovereign ratings above other regional counterparts, gives Sri Lanka immense advantage in being a key driver in the ‘Chindian’ century.